Sunday, September 28, 2008

A Studen't Point Of View..

Boredom in my class was what drove me to write this poem. It's the first poem i've written in a while, so it might be a bit rusty. Comments and criticism are welcome!

so dull.. the echoes of my teachers voice..
i am trapped here
in a dungeon, disguised as a classroom
but not so much

in the forest closeby,
i can hear the sweet melodies of freedom
how the birds chirp and flutter their wings and take flight
but i cannot swim in that ocean
instead drown in a sea of reccuring voices

20 minutes later,
and i am still here,
the old record continues to play with a monotonous grey.

The future of tomorrow are being bleached,
NO, they do not know the meaning of fun.
Life is bursting with colours,
each of us colourful,
yet Notes, questions, and answers
all in black and white
like their souls anchored, unable to take flight

Many ride this train,
thinking they are on the right track
yet year after year
it becomes more of a trainwreck

we come, so filled with hope and dreams
only to find out, school is not what it seems,
this institute ran by fools and deception,
so filled with rules,
yet offer no protection.

but this is how is has been decided,
blindly driving our selves deeper and deeper
into this marathon
into a merciless rat race
in the circle of life.

it makes me wonder... am i a man?
OR a Mouse?

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Sister Site Launched - BlueWarmth now online!

Ck and I originally started this blog to learn about blogging, HTML coding, as well as to establish a medium where we could share information and opinions with the rest of our friends. To our surprise the topics we choose to blog about started getting page views from the world over. We, blogged, we upgraded, and now, we're expanding. Ck, also known as Brandon feels confident enough to start his own blog, keeping a similar spirit which kept us going on the Voice Of Teenagers. A loyal friend and quite the socialist in our group, Ck's blog will be directed more towards he's personal interests such as Pop bands, latest music trends, with a dash of s60 news added into it. Visit he's blo here: BlueWarmth

Don't worry, Voice Of Teenagers will remain. I will still keep you updated with the latest and greatest news in the world of S60, as it has always been since this site started. Due to my exams, posts will be rather limited from now on till december (where our exams are over and hopefully we graduate with flying colours).

So, that's about it!

To all our Muslim friends and all those who are celebrating out there, Selamat Hari Raya!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

A detailed N85 Review - Courtesy of

As you all know we're short of time these few months thanks to our SPM exams, so instead of doing our own write up, we found a pretty good one on, in fact it's one of the most extensive reviews on the N85 we've ever seen.

Enjoy the indulgence!

Mobile Review of Nokia N85

Friday, September 12, 2008

Samir is back in business - and he brings new goodies!



Samir -famous for his application RotateMe which were among the first to utilise he N95's accelerometer- is back. Previously held back by some personal life problems, it seems as though he has got it sorted out and can now divert his attention back to programming. In this new come-back spirit, he has launched a new site AikonLab ("Nokia" spelled backwords) which will take the role as his new platform for development and releases, previously hosted by In addition Samir has promissed the release of a new application called HandWave tomorrow (13 September) which will bring a touchless interface to S60 3rd edition devices with a front camera, i.e. the N73, N80, N82, n95, n96. No doubt this will be another application that will stay nice and cosy in most of our phones and in will be one of those must-have apps all Nokia forums and discussions.

Go on, click on the link provided and visit Samir's new website!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Animator Versus Animation

If you're feeling bored from all the dreadful routines at home or work, have a look at this. It'll cheer you up for sure. :D

Animator Vs Animation

I still can't get over it.

Monday, September 8, 2008

N79 Interactive Demo

Quite a lot going on in Nokia's world today. Just a few hours ago this interactive demo of the N79 came up. One of the more exciting features of the N79 is the return of Xpress Covers, now integrated with the device's themes as well, and changes them automatically when you change the covers. Test drive it now!

Click here: N79 Demo

N95-1 V30 Just out and another one coming soon?

Yes, you read it right, according to a friend i have working with Nokia, he claims that the disappointing v30 recently released was Nokia's move to silence the media about the N95 operating on the Kastor UI and what not. According to him, Nokia is already working on the next firmware, but right now it is still very early in the development stage. Don't go opening your bottle of champagne just yet, he mentioned it will take some time as "Nokia wants to get it right this time" so it might take a little longer. Personally i really hope that it will inclode FP2 transitions and certain functions such as the "application updater" found on the N85. Who knows, we'll just have to wait and see!

N85 + N79 Preview & N85 Demo

A bit more info on the N85 as wel get closer to it's release in er.. *God-knows-when*. There's a good write up on the N85 and N79 on Mobile Review here and a Interactive Demo of the phone on Nokia's site here. There's even been a
video preview of this device posted on YouTube, which you can view rby clicking here.

I find it pretty cheesy of Nokia to use the N95's "Its not one thing, it's many" slogan to sell the N85 as well, but i guess the N85 is a pretty close relative to the N95 (more so than the N96) and fits nicely into an exclusive Do-It-All device club.

That's all for now, be sure to visit us regularly for the juiciest news in the tech world, with the occasional extra serving of health and life tips. ;D

Friday, September 5, 2008

EyeToy-like Game Under Development For N95 - FunCam!

Bubble Games, the same people that brought the fun accelerometer-based application Panda Manda and Bubblies are working on an awesome new concept (for mobile phones that is)

The game should be called FunCam and makes use of the TV-out feature on S60 handsets, as well as some sort of movement recognition feature. If you’re thinking we’re blabbering, take a look at the video that has been posted by BubbleGames on Youtube. It’d definitely be an awesome newcomer to the S60 gaming scene, but i wouldn't expect it to go very far especially since the EyeToy's popularity for the PS2 was very limited. Only a handful of games were developed for the PS2's EyeToy so i certainly hope that Bubble Games will give us a wide variety of games. Perhaps even make it customizable as with their PandaManda Game.

Anyway it's always good to see new things being developed, especially for the N95! ;D

Here is the video:

Thursday, September 4, 2008

N95 Classic and 8GB Edition Gets V30 Update


Wow! The Nokia N95. Legendary. Almost 2 years now since Nokia first announced this phone model and yet it is still up to date, something never before seen with any other phone from any other company. Today the rumous have been realized, and the V30.0.015 firmware version is available for the N95-1 as well as the N95-2 models. For now it seems to be limited to certain product codes, but fortunately it's already available on mine. I have no time to update and reinstall due to my trial exams this month, however i have managed to dig up a rough sketch about what this firmware has to offer.

The update brings Maps 2.0, complete N-Gage support, Nokia Search with Google integration, upgrades to the music player, improvemnts in WiFi performance and Flash Lite 3 performance. Changelog below!


- Maps 2.0 (e.g. Pedestrian navigation, Traffic info, Multimedia city guides, satellite imagery)
- Full N-Gage
- Nokia Search 4.0 with Google plug-in
- Share on Ovi
- Enablers for “Comes With Music”
- Mosh & Ovi Bookmarks added to Browser


- Download! application updated (v 3.1.50)
- New baseline for Startup settings
- New baseline/upgrade to Music Player
- Baseline update for Flashlite3 (improved viewing of sites like YouTube)
- Current consumption improvements (for e.g. WLAN scanning)
- New baseline for VoIP (with significant error corrections)
- General error corrections

N95 v30

I have posted this screenshot so you advanced users can change your product code and flash it if it is not yet available for your product code. I will provide more info on this as soon as i can. See you soon!