Sunday, September 30, 2007

N95 or N95 8GB?

To upgrade, or not to upgrade? That is the qustion for current N95-1 users.
Surprisingly less than a year after the N95-1's release, Nokia is releasing a newer version called the N95 8GB. Most current N
95 users will wonder whether to be happy with their current phone, or throw in some extra money and get the new one. So here's a comparison to help some of you out.

First up,
The newer version goes by the line "HUGE screen, MASSIVE memory" , which is all true enough. But apparently Nokia forgot to mention "FAT body" as well. The N95 8GB has turned into a fat Chunky Monkey to accomodate the 2.8" screen as opposed the the 2.6" one on the current N95. We cant deny the fact that the screen looks absolutely gorgeous, but even though wearing black is suppose to look slimmer, the glossy black colour isnt going to help the N95 8GB lose any weight.

Power house? We'll see.
One of the most noticable design flaws with the original N95 was that its battery was horribly poor. I even have to carry a spare battery with me whenever i spent an entire day out. This terrible set back stopped the N95 from being ass that is could be (a GPS, WiFi, dual-slider, 3D graphic card, 5MP butt-kicking phone). Well, Nokia has listen to the pleading of their users and swapped in a bigger battery for the N95 8GB edition. This has solved the power issue which is definately a plus, but posed new problems to the phone.

Lens Cover
The bigger battery is undoubtedly GREAT! but to make room for it, Nokia had to remove the the lens cover. Some of you might say "good riddance! we didnt need it anyway, it just slowed down the camera". But thats not exactly true, those who have already gotten their hands on the N95 8GB, said that the lens on the phone was easily greased, dirtied, and scratched due to the absence of the lens cover. And in contrary to what most people beleive, the startup time of the camera wasnt any faster either even though the lens cover was no longer present.

Does it have a good
1. Virtual Memory
N95 8GB lives up to its name, having 8GB of storage space in its belly. This certainly is a plus side right? Wrong -Nokia has just fixed a 8GB memory card in place of the memory card slot-
This means that you will no longer be able to upgrade your memory. And seeing how Toshiba is planning to release its 16GB microSDs early next year, this isnt a smart move by Nokia.
Current N95 users, if you want that much memory, why not buy the 4GB and 6GB cards already on the market?

2. Physical Memory (RAM)
Ahh, what we've all been waiting for!
As with the battery, the RAM on the original N95 didnt quite pack the punch the device needed. Even after a fresh reboot, users were left with only 18.0MB of free RAM. This made it unsuitable for multitasking, but the N95 is a multimedia computer, its suppose to right? Of course, the new firmwares handle RAM much better, but how can we even compare that when its put to battle against the N95 8GB's Godzilla-like 88.0MB of freee RAM?
We're not quite sure how its going to handle on the device, but it sure looks promising.

Revamped UI -
Multimedia Menu
The carousel style Multimedia Menu was a great looking change to the one on previous Nseries devices, but now Nokia has revamped it again on the N95 8GB. We cant quite call it beautiful or attractive, but it is much, much more advanced compared to the carousel of icons.

What we've stated above only are the most significant changes that will help you decide on which to buy. There are many other minute changes such as the white keypad light on the n95 8GB in contrast to the blue one on the original N95, raised media keys, and so on.

Friday, September 28, 2007

Moonwalk your way...

The Moonwalk was a factor in what set Michael apart and clearly in a league of his own in the realm of super stardom.
Michael did not invent the move, but perfected it and made it his own.

First shown to the world at the Motown 25th Anniversary in a performance of "Billie Jean". Although to the viewing world the performance fantastic, Michael himself was not happy with it, being the perfectionist he is. Nevertheless the performance at Motown 25, especially the performance of "Billie Jean" which featured the Moonwalk, will always be remembered as a magic moment in the history of music entertainment.

Here are some simple steps for you to moonwalk...

Step 1. Find a pair of low grip shoes you could try to do it in your socks to start off with.

Step 2. Make sure that the ground you use to practise to moonwalk on is also not too grippy, try and find a polished floor.

Step 3. Stand with both feet close to each other, left foot slightly ahead of the right (toes of right should be in line with half the left foot)

Step 4. Now raise the heel of the right foot so that you are standing on the front of the right foot as if you are taking a step. The left foot must stay where it is (take care not to move it).

Step 5. As you lower the heel of the right foot, lean all your weight on the right foot, and drag back the left foot to so that its toes are in line with the heel of the right foot. The left foot's heel must be slightly off the ground at this stage. As you drag back, do not push down on the left foot at all or it will not glide. Make sure as you lower the heel of the right foot (slowly) the left moves at an equal speed. This will need lots of practice to master the right speed.

Step 6. Keep practicing up to the above steps until you can make the movement subconsciously without any difficulty.

Step 7. Once you have mastered that, "kick" outwards with the left foot, but although not quite touching the ground, make it look as if it is touching. Move it out a foot-size's worth away from the toes of the right. No part of the left foot should be raised higher than another.

Step 8. After you make your left foot move so it is at the starting position, lift up the heel once more of the right foot. Make sure the left leg is bent at the knee. Now repeat step 5. Keep practicing until you have the whole thing figured out, and it has been verified by others, and you feel quite comfortable with it. You should eventually get that gravity-defying effect and you'll Moonwalk like the pro.

Step 9. Once you've figured it out for the right leg bending, switch legs, and try the same with the other foot. Lift heel of left, lower left as you glide right back. Left still on the ground, throw out right foot, lift up heel of left foot, and once again drag right foot back as left heel is lowered.

Still... practice makes perfect...

Walk this way - New walkman strut into our hearts

Looking like a red packet from Chinese New Year, the W910 brings walkman phones to a whole new level. This phone has SenseMe™, which analyses tracks and groups them by mood, so you can easily pick a "just got a parking ticket" playlist. You can also change track by shaking the phone, much like a Polaroid Picture! Superfluous? Yes. Cool? Certainly.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Hungry For Hope!

On the 15th of September 2007,
The West Malaysia 30-hour Famine had officially started...
Participants of this event reached over an amazing 5500 which made this 30-hour famine the most successful!!!
The participants' age ranges from the youngest of an 4 year old to a blossoming 70 year old...
Plus, this year marks the 10th aninversary of this event being held in Malaysia
and the 10th year of World Vision Malaysia!!!
That is why this year's event is so much more successful...
This year's event is also in both English and Mandarin for the first time!!!

This educational cum fundraising programme has spread to World Vision offices across the globe.

Participants forego solid food for 30 hours. This can be done individually or together with other participants in the Famine Camp organised by associations, offices, schools or religious institutions.

During the 30-Hour Famine Camp, participants are acquainted with the world-wide humanitarian work of World Vision, how emergency relief operations are managed, how poor communities are enabled to break the cycle of poverty, and how ordinary well-wishers can help people in need.

The programme is conducted through mini-talks, video presentation, and simulation games. There is fun, a spirit of togetherness and serious thought. At the same time, much-needed money is raised to fund World Vision emergency relief operations and development work in poor communities. The 30-Hour Famine is a kind of "Fastathon", like a Marathon, or "Walkathon" or "Spellathon". Participants invite family, colleagues or friends to sponsor their 30-hour fast for a good cause.

Funds collected are channeled to help World Vision bring emergency relief and long-term development to needy children and families, both domestically and internationally.
That is why you have to go for the next year's event, make a difference, save lives around the world.

Good cause, good fun, great people! What more can you ask for?

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Lantern Festival, Never heard of it?

There'll be a full moon tonight, but there's not going to be any werewolves...instead we'll be celebrating Lantern Festival, also known as Mid Autumn Festival.
The Mid-Autumn Festival (中秋节), is a popular Asian celebration of abundance and togetherness, dating back over 3,000 years to China's Zhou Dynasty. In Malaysia and Singapore, it is also sometimes referred to as the Lantern Festival.

The Mid-Autumn Festival falls on the 15th day of the 8th lunar month of the Chinese calendar (usually around mid- or late-September in the Gregorian calendar), a date that parallels the Autumn Equinox of the solar calendar. This is the ideal time, when the moon is at its fullest and brightest, to celebrate the abundance of the summer's harvest. The traditional food of this festival is the mooncake, of which there are many different varieties.Traditionally, on this day, Chinese family members and friends will gather to admire the bright mid-autumn harvest moon, and eat moon cakes and pomeloes together.

While Westerners may talk about the "man in the moon", the Chinese talk about the "woman on the moon". The story of Chang'e and her flight to the moon, is familiar to every Chinese citizen, and a favourite subject of poets. Unlike many lunar deities in other cultures who personify the moon, Chang'e only lives on the moon. Tradition places Houyi and Chang'e around 2170 BC, in the reign of the legendary Emperor Yao, shortly after that of Huang Di.

There are so many variations and adaptations of the Chang'e legend that one can become overwhelmed and utterly confused. However, most legends about Chang'e in Chinese mythology involve some variation of the following elements: Houyi, the Archer; Chang'e, the mythical Moon Goddess of Immortality; an emperor, either benevolent or malevolent; an elixir of life; and the Moon.

Things are getting interesting here in STPD

Well, well, are things heating up in our school (STPD), today the police were called down. Yea u heard me right, the cops were involved! Apparently some smartguys from our school created a Friendster group called "Anti-STPD", and added in fake profiles of the school priciple and disciplin master. Thats not all, the group mocked the principle with names such as "P0rn Principle" and much more. The police issued a warning stating that the students involved could be charged under cyber crime and impersonation under the Malaysian law.
Another warning was about the use of firecrackers within the school compound. Its clearly known that fireworks are illegal in this country, yet for some reason you can hear them exploding in our school every festive season. Ignorance? you be the judge.
As the school is in the running for premier school this year, hopefully these disciplinary problems will diminish and lessen. Come on guys, dont you think the principle and discipline master deserves a break?

Friday, September 21, 2007

Get the rest you deserve

After a long day of work, we all look forward to one thing -getting a good night's rest-
But sometimes this prooves to be hard, usually because our mind's on something, or we have an anxious feeling that just keeps us awake.
Whatever the reason, sleep deprevation is not something to be taken lightly as it can interrupt our daily activities. For example:
  1. Feeling tired all the time
  2. Dropping off during the day
  3. Finding it difficult to concentrate
  4. Finding it hard to make decisions
  5. Feeling of depression.
Lack of sleep may also make us more vulnerable to high blood pressure, obesity and diabetes.
So, by now you're probably wondering how you can reward your body with proper rest, well here's how.

  • Do not nap during the day. If you are having trouble sleeping at night, try not to nap during the day because you will throw off your body clock and make it even more difficult to sleep at night. If you are feeling especially tired, and feel as if you absolutely must nap, be sure to sleep for less than 30 minutes, early in the day.
  • Limit caffeine and alcohol. Avoid drinking caffeinated or alcoholic beverages for several hours before bedtime. Although alcohol may initially act as a sedative, it can interrupt normal sleep patterns.
  • Expose yourself to bright light/sunlight soon after awakening. This will help to regulate your body's natural biological clock. Likewise, try to keep your bedroom dark while you are sleeping so that the light will not interfere with your rest.
  • Exercise early in the day. Twenty to thirty minutes of exercise every day can help you sleep, but be sure to exercise in the morning or afternoon. Exercise stimulates the body and aerobic activity before bedtime may make falling asleep more difficult.
  • Hide your clock. A big, illuminated digital clock may cause you to focus on the time and make you feel stressed and anxious. Place your clock so you can't see the time when you are in bed.
Lastly, we should allow ourselves to have at least 7-8 hours of sleep, and avoid a sleep debt (i'll explain this some other time). Phew, I'm getting sleepy already....... zzz *falls asleep*

Pro Session Golf now available for all

Do you stink at golf? you do?...well so do i.
Remember the Nokia n93 Golf Edition and its handy golf application? Well for those of you who wanted it but couldnt bear that thought of getting the rather fat n93, its now available for s60 3rd edition devices. It costs 90USD and is compatible with the Nokia N73, Nokia N93, Nokia N93i and Nokia N95. More information on:
Now lets start golfing, shall we?

iPod nano - Now With Video!

Its official, Apple has released its new iPod nano, now supporting video playback. The new nanos come in 4GB and 8GB editions, relatively adequet for movie storage. Apple's also throwing a 320x420 resolution screen, new and improved interface, as well as a brighter screen. For fashion concious users, you can choose between 5 colours -red, green, blue, black, and silver -
In our opinion, the new nanos look like music(and movie) playing bars of soap ..but dont go using them for your shower!

Friday, September 14, 2007

How to win her heart...

Tired of just looking at her from afar..?
Wishing that you are able to know more of her..?
Or at least make her notice you that you are interested in her...?

Here are some tips or guide for those young chaps that wanna be with her...
but cant do so...

1) First, make sure she remembers you.
Create an eye to eye contact...
Use your passionate eyes and look through her...
Smile at her more often or wink if you must...
She will probably notice you after that..

Oh ya... make sure you know that you get the proper response too..( she is interested =) )
Response like that would be..
smiling back at you..
when u look at her, she will look back at you too..

2)Introduce yourself to her.
give her your name, then start off with the introduction thingy..
if you are really interested in her, create conversation topics to know more bout her..
get her to laugh..
P.S. do not let the conversation die.. keep it alive and spicy.

3) Done with the introduction,
start to compliment about her..
make her feel appreciated for what she has..

Final tip,

Use your eyes..
check before you make a move on her..
Make sure she is available..
try to be more gentle or sweet..

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

8th Month in chinese Lunar Calendar

No, its not Merdeka! for the chinese... but it is Lantern Festival!
Oh yeah, its that time of year again, where you take out that old dusty set of lanterns from the past year, illuminate them, and watch them glow mezmorisingly under the beautiful full moon of this festival... while the rest of your family finish of the delicious mooncakes that were on your plate!
Well, as we all know its Visit Malaysia Year 2007, and of course there's something special installed for us. There'll be a Mid-Autumn Festival Celebration (another name for Lantern Festival), commemorated with lantern parades and lantern-making competitions at Pasar Seni (Central Market), Kuala Lumpur.
If you wish to join in the fun, its on now till the 25th of september. You can find out more events happening this month on the Tourism Malaysia website at

Sunday, September 9, 2007

N-gage 2.0 -- The next generation in mobile gaming

It's coming!!.... and are we excited!
Gone are the days where you have to lug a HUGE n-gage phone for mobile gaming.
Very soon Nokia will launch a new generation of n-gage games and devices, with stunning 3D graphics and much improved gameplay over the previous n-gage platform. We're guessing Nokia finally figured out that the previous n-gage phones only suited dedicated gamers as they were not much of use for anything else besides, well... games.
N-gage 2.0 will change all that, it will run on much more advanced (and stylish) phones, including the n81, n93, n95 and more to come. As shown on the n-gage website, the new games are absolutey stunning, thanks to the graphics accelerator and 2D/3D graphic cards built in to these phones. Nokia has also brought their classic games in to the 21st century, giving Space Impact, Snake and Bounce a 3D perspective.

This is definately something to look forward to, as N-gage 2.0 will bring PS1-like graphics to the world of mobile gaming. Look's like its time to throw out the old PS1 set - if you're still keeping it!

Saturday, September 1, 2007

Nokia to release new line of multimedia devices

Nokia has recently announced that it will release a new range of multimedia device by the 3rd quarter of this year. The new devices arent any ground-breakers, and are actually just an improved version of older models.
The bigger, badder models coming our way are the Nokia 5310, 5610, 5710, N81 8GB, as well as the kick-a$s n95 8GB. This is all great news, but the fact remains that Nokia just made some minor tweaks here and there and remarketed these products.

As users of the original 5700 and n95, we feel as thought we have been BETA tested, and i beleive we're not the only ones. These phones dont come cheap and the fact that Nokia is releasing an improved version less than a year from the original release is just totally ridiculous!

Nokia Developers, if you are reading this post, please take into consideration to test and research your phones thoroughly before releasing them into the market!

P.S. I will post more about these phones when the specs are confirmed