Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Nice Boat :D

Boat lovers here's one for you! Taken during my trip to France in March this year. I've been to France several times but this was probably the most enjoyable one yet! :)
I think it was because my sis actually was with us for most of the trip this time... but then again, hmm... might just be the camera ;D Anyway hats off to her for doing a good job with the planning. Thanks che!

This was actually in nice coastal town called "Nice" (pun intended), towards the South of Frace. Yes, there is in fact a town named "Nice", pronounced 'Nis-a' by the locals. It's a nice town, clean clear waters despite the marina there, hills in the back, cafes all along the coast...what's not to love about Nice right?

The unique thing about Nice is that it doesn't have bright sandy beaches, instead Nice has a long stretch of pebble beach, but that story's for another photo :D

Thinking of framing this photo up this way in my room, what do you think?

Monday, June 15, 2009

Ancient China

China, developing country... oh boy when the Chinese develop their country they mean business! but even in busy Beijing, there are still traces of a more sacred China. Wide, tranquil lakes as wide as oceans, mirrors the beautiful landscape and architecture that surrounds it. The ambiance of it all is just magical, dazzling all those who gaze upon it.

Summer Palace, China. The sun was beautiful that morning, and despite the development going around that area, I felt like i went back in time to an ancient China, was such a surreal feeling.

What do you think?

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Majestic. Proud. Free.

Finally! The sem exams are now finished and I've got 2 wonderful weeks of holiday, free time to spend with my friends and pamper myself with a little relaxation. Putting my exam results aside at the moment.. (no point worrying about something that has past, right?)

Which reminds of this photo, taken back when i was in Beijing.

On the busy streets of Beijing, stands this little creature, free from the cages of society. Standing majestically with pride, it serves as a little moral boost for passes by stuck in a cage of their daily routines. It really feels good having the time to look back at my past photographs, and soak in a little more of what i experienced during the trip. *inhales*.. ah...... :)