Thursday, September 17, 2009

Guitar Mosaic From Monday Blues..

The holidays are finally here! 2 weeks to unwind and escape the from the busy schedules of college life in the city, 2 weeks to relax, catch up and rejoice with old friends and do what i like to do.

Even though it was the holidays i could still the Monday blues creeping in that afternoon (i usually wake up at noon on holidays and weekends). A hot, lazy afternoon with the haze blanketing the skies to a dull grey. To say the least, i was bored, real bored.

I headed upstairs to take a shower, in hopes of freshening myself into a more uplifted mood and sure enough, inspiration struck me as I opened my eyes after slipping on a fresh shirt. My mom’s guitar, lying gently on the curtains as the afternoon shines through them to give a purple hue that felt like a lazy kind of blues. Perhaps this was my Monday blues after all.

A slide of my N95 shutter, a snap or two and the shot was just right. Admittedly a little dark and grainy so i refined the photo in CS4 and this is the final result. The watercolour one is currently my wallpaper!

Guitar Mosaic (Watercolour)



As you might have guessed it was a great day after all, pursuing my hobby and love for photography!