Thursday, March 12, 2009

Bird's Nest Sunset..

Yup, it's been quite a while since my last post, and tomorrow's judgment day - SPM results are out! Well, not much i can do about it now, but looking back at some of my photos from last December's Beijing trip sure relaxes me a little.

The first day we arrived in Beijing they took us straight to the Bird's Nest stadium, aka the venue for the prestigious 2008 Beijing Olympics! Dressed in Malaysian clothes (read: slacky T-shirt, khakis, airy shoes) it certainly wasn't wise of them to throw us into the harsh Beijing winter weather. It was close to -13*c, thrown in some high speed winds, lack of winter gear and you get one freakin cold winter experience, brrr....

Was roughly sunsent by the time wetravelled from the Beijing International Airport to the Bird's Nest statium, but heck that just made it even better to photograph! :D

Here it is, my shot of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Stadium.

Stay cool guys!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Beijing Trip '08 nostaligia..

Another memorable moment when I was in Beijing. It was roughly 5pm, was winter at that time so neturally the sun set earlier. Throughout the day we were rushing through the tour, but the Forbidden City was our last visit for the day so we had a bit more leisure there. Some members of our tour rushed out and couldn't wait to escape the cold but I took my time and enjoyed the warm rays of the sun shining on me. I closed my eyes to soak it all in. ahh....

When i opened them up i saw a few Chinese gently pushing their bikes out of the Forbidden city (have no idea how they got their bikes in in the first place) but it was beautiful to see with fresh eyes. Held up my camera, panned in a little, click!
and that was the story behind this shot. ;D

Enjoy guys!